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Character Template [Updated 10-14-15]

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Character Template [Updated 10-14-15] Empty Character Template [Updated 10-14-15]

Post by Requiem on Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:42 am

Strengths and Weaknesses have been added to the application. In addition, some of the coding has been fixed.

Information regarding the Types, Alignment, and Weapons have been tweaked a little bit.

Type limit has been increased for plot-specific characters.


Here, you'll find the character template. Make sure to use it, otherwise your character won't be accepted.


Name: Self-explanatory. What’s your character’s name?

Age: What’s your character’s age? Make sure to be reasonable here, because there won’t be any ten-year-olds ripping soldiers apart or ninety-year-old Kung-fu warriors going around kicking robots on this site.

Gender: Aaaaand your character’s gender?

Character Type(s): Alright, time to get a bit more creative. From the list of Experimental types that are provided in the Rules and Resources forum on the site, what base Experimental type is your character? Mind that you can only start off with two upon creation – UNLESS your character is plot-important and has been discussed with the forum staff, or you've made the necessary purchases in the $$$ Store; in this case, there will be exceptions – and may have a maximum of six types per character, but will have to purchase these other types from the $$$ Store.

***NOTE: the Type limit can and more than likely will be extended fr characters that have a major stake in the plotline. In this scenario, the Type limit will be increased to ten at maximum, but characters under this category will have to be thoroughly discussed over with the site creators and head Admins.***

Faction: Does your character belong to a group of any sort? If so, list it here. Keep in mind that groups first have to be reviewed and accepted to be official on the site. This category is optional.

Rank: If your character is apart of a group, what position does he/she possess? Is he/she a high-ranking individual in the Faction, or is he/she just a regular member? Once again, this category is optional.

Occupation: Does your character have a job of some sort? Is he/she a student for some school or academy? Optional category.

Alignment: Are you good or evil? Below will be a list of different alignments. These are not required; A simple "Good" or "Bad" will suffice.

  • Good ||| A simple good guy/girl. You'll fight for the good side.

  • Lawful Good ||| You are most likely affiliated with some sort of law enforcement or government. You'll fight alongside the law, and anyone who breaks said laws is essentially your enemy.

  • Chaotic Good ||| You're a good guy, but you're not afraid of collateral damage or causing a bit of carnage in your quest to rid the land of evil.

  • Neutral ||| You are not a part of either side, and therefore have no ties. You could be a common thief or a mercenary.

  • Lawful Neutral ||| You're neutral and basically have no side, but you stick to the rules to avoid problems with the law.

  • Chaotic Neutral ||| You're neutral, but you enjoy causing a bit of mayhem now and then amongst the people.

  • Evil ||| You enjoy causing mayhem and all-out destruction. Depending on how evil you are, you may even enjoy murder and slaughter.

  • Lawful Evil ||| While you are on the side of the law, you will do anything to enforce it, even if that means breaking the laws yourself. You will go so far as to kill those who have broken them, because you feel so deeply about them.

  • Chaotic Evil ||| Evil with a side of destruction and carnage. You enjoy watching things spiral downhill; Explosions, murder, death, fire, and assault are all things that you almost crave.

Companions/Pets: Easy. Do you have any pets or animal companions? Please try to be reasonable to an extent. Normal pets like dogs or cats are certainly allowed, but things like lions and tigers will more than likely have to be discussed over. This also applies to Mythical-type creatures which, in fact, will be allowed here, although will be artificially created from numerous genetic-altering Hunter experiments on an animal for reasoning. However, this privilege can only be accessed through purchase in the $$$ Store - OR, like the Experimental Types, could be an exception if your character is Plot-Important to an extent and has been discussed and agreed over with an Admin.

Physical Description: Describe what your character looks like. Include in this things like height (which you don't have to put in; I just do), eye color, muscle mass, hair color, clothing choices, etc. Just be reasonable with your race.

Personality: Give us a basic mental description of your character. Are they insane? Do they have friends? Would they protect their friends? Are they the merciful kind of fighter, or a killer? Tell us all that here.

Biography: Give us a basic background of your character. Where were they born? Who was their mother/father? Did they have siblings? If they have special abilities, how did they gain them? Please try to be as specific as possible, and feel free to make up fake places.

Strengths: Give us a list of what your character is good at. Stealth? Weapon management/creation? Are they professionally skilled with their Experimental type? Things along those lines.

Weaknesses: Same as the strengths, though focusing more on what the character isn't good at, and/or their physical weakpoints. Do they have an arm that was injured but, despite the fact that it's healed, still tenses up and pains greatly on occasion? Bad social skills? Are they bad at close/mid/long-ranged combat? Focus on things like that here.

Other Facts: Tell us anything else about your character that you think we need to know.


Weapon Type: What type of weaponry does your character have? Is it a sword of some sort? A gun? Whatever it is, list it here- but make sure to be reasonable with your choice! We won’t accept people running around with bulky turrets, flamethrowers, chainsaws, or things like that. Exceptions to these types of weapons could apply to a character to has a miniature version of it (specifically a version that's able to be held easily by a single hand, so it would be shrunk down by size a lot).

Weapon Description: Give us a description of your weapon; how it looks like, its features, and things like that. Be as descriptive as you want, here.

Armoring: Does your character have any armor that they wear either on a daily basis or in combat? If so, list and describe the armor set here. Take note that armoring for a character isn’t necessary.





[u][b]Character Type(s):[/b][/u]






[u][b]Physical Description:[/b][/u]





[u][b]Other Facts:[/b][/u]

[u][b][size=24]ARMOR AND WEAPONRY[/size][/b][/u]

[u][b]Weapon Type:[/b][/u]

[u][b]Weapon Description:[/b][/u]


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