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Rules of the Phenomenon [1-2-15]

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Rules of the Phenomenon [1-2-15] Empty Rules of the Phenomenon [1-2-15]

Post by Requiem on Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:51 am

Yeeeeep, that's right. Like anything else, this forum has its rules and guidelines that you have to follow. If you don't, then you may just end up with a (temporary) ban from the site. Sorry, folks. That's just how it's gonna have to go.

Here we go, then.

SI: The Basic Roleplaying Rules and the Forum in General
Click to show:
[1] This is first and foremost a Roleplay forum. That being said, Roleplaying will be the primary thing that we do around here.

[2] Cursing is, indeed, aloud around these parts. I know how annoying it may be to have your sense of normal, every day vocabulary be restricted, so there is little to no limit regarding the type of curse words you can say. Yes, you can say fuck, and other words on that type of level.

  • [2-A] While cursing is aloud around these parts, you can't just go around F-bombing the whole forum, or using the language that you're aloud to have here to intentionally condescend others, as well as their sexuality, nationality, and other things along those lines. We understand that the occasional word and phrase accidentally slips out from time to time, and a simple warning will be given if this happens. However, it's quite easy to distinguish unintentional acts from intentional a lot of the time. If you are caught purposely trying to bat down somebody's beliefs and things of the sort, you'll be banned as soon as the action is taken into account. Whether it's a temporary or permanent ban will depend on how far you've crossed the line.

  • [2-B] So long as it's under Roleplay circumstances, rule 2-A will be excused. In-character discrimination is fine, as it's between characters and not the actual players themselves.

[3] When Roleplaying, use the best sense of grammar and punctuation that's personally possible to your own being; for the sake of all of those who Roleplay with you. Because...you know, too many mistakes can cause misunderstandings, and too many misunderstandings can cause quarrels. You catch my drift, right?

[4] In Roleplay threads, don't go posting two or more consecutive posts in a row. You can fix whatever mistake you have or change your post for whatever other reason with the edit button.

[5] Note that sexual depictions ARE NOT aloud in this specific forum. I don't care if there's activity like characters making out, or even feeling one another up to an extent. Just don't include the Roleplaying of ‘what comes after’.

  • [5-A] Things such as "Fade to Black" and Timeskips are allowed to take place of such things. They can both skip over the content not allowed here, and also imply that that sort of activity had happened.

[6] If your character dies, he or she stays dead- UNLESS YOU PURCHASE SOMETHING FROM THE FORUM STORES TO ADD THE NECRO TYPE TO YOUR CHARACTER. More on the stores later. I hate to refer to the saying, but...you only live once. Yolo. If this is how it goes in reality, this is how it'll go in this forum. No second chances of any sort- OF COURSE, WITH TECHNICAL EXCEPTIONS DEPENDING ON YOUR EXPERIMENTAL TYPE. You're not invincible, and neither are your characters.

[7] NO GODMODDING OF ANY SORT. I can't stress this enough. When I say Godmodding, I refer to the following:

  • Autohitting ||| Attacking the other Roleplayer's character dead on, without giving them a chance to dodge. (Exceptions can be made, but so long as somebody asks for an autohit IN ADVANCE.)

  • Powerplaying ||| Dodging and/or countering every single attack thrown at you. Autohitting allows one to dodge and counter an attack, but if you do it over and over and over again, it can get annoying and is then considered powerplaying.

  • Metagaming ||| Giving your character information that you learned off-screen and having them use it...without them having any way of actually finding that out in the forum.

  • Character Control ||| You are to control your character(s), and your character(s) ALONE. Other characters will be created by other players. You have control over your own characters, and they have control over theirs. Don't go controlling what isn't yours. (Exceptions are made for NPC's.)

[8] Don't go adding any sort of punctuation to your name. I've experienced first hand how it can screw some things up, so...just don't.

[9] Avatars are to be non-animated. This is for the sake of all other Roleplayers around the site, as these types of images can cause lag. And...well, no one likes lag.

[10] Out of Character (OOC) notes in Roleplay posts are aloud, but should be kept to a minimum. Don't go including an OOC note in every post you create. Please.

[11]Provide a link to your approved character(s) in your signature, or create a thread in the 'Character Listings' Forum with all of your active characters.

SII: Creation in General
Click to show:
[12] Connects back to Godmodding. Your character isn't invincible. He or she isn't some sort of God, Goddess, or a deity. He or she can be based off of one, buuuut...can't actually be one. If they lose a limb, that limb stays lost. If they lose a capability, that capability stays lost. Simple as that.

[13] ...For the love of all things good, don't even think of making your character a Mary Sue or Gary Lou. Just don't. In reality, no one is truly perfect. Neither are your characters.

[14] Be as detailed as you possibly can when making a character profile. The more depth, the better!

[15] Don't go commenting in approval threads/character profiles that you didn't create. Exceptions to this rule are Admins, Moderators, and those who are in charge of helping out with the acceptance process.

[16] Characters need two approvals from two separate Admins/Moderators/Approval Helpers to be fully approved. This is for the sake of thoroughness.

  • [16-A] Those who are able to accept characters cannot approve their own characters.

[17] All characters can have a maximum of TWO Experimental types from the start, and may have a maximum of six types per character total with the necessary Store-bound purchases. More about stores later on.

  • [17-A] If your character was, say…dead prior to their creation, then they would be a Necro by default. Keep in mind, though, that doing this would take up one of their base character type.

  • [17-B] Your character can be an exception to the double-type Experimental rule from the start- but only if they're plot-important and it has been discussed and agreed over with the staff first.

[18] There is no specific limit for the number of characters that one can create, but for the love of all things good, don't make characters that you won't even end up using. I'm one of the many people out there in the world that loves to create characters day by day, but it really does flood the site if you make characters that aren't even used.

  • [18-A] In order to keep track of created and approved characters, one is required to make a list of all of their characters on the site. Do so by creating a thread in the "Character Listings" forum.

[19] Unless a special purchase has been made in the $$$ Store, there will be no Mythical Hybrids. When I say this, I mean no Unicorns, Dragons, Minotaurs, or things like that. They ARE possible to have on the site, though only if they're plot-important or have been purchased through enhancements in the $$$ Store.

[20] If you need to retire a character, you can't make a thread specifically to kill him or her off. You can have a farewell thread with some other people that involves the character in question preparing to leave and finally taking off, but not a thread purely created to kill a character off.

SIII: Fighting Sequences
Click to show:
[21] A loop back to rule 7. There is to be no Godmodding of any sort when in a fight and/or spar.

[22] When fighting with characters belonging to other players, there is to be a set posting order for fairness. (Example: Player 1 -> Player 2 -> Player 3 -> Player 1 -> Player 2 -> Player 3; so on and so forth.)

  • [22-A] If an attack is ignored and/or skipped, then it counts as a hit.

  • [22-B] If a player comes across vagueness in an attack sequence, it is up to said player to contact his or her opponent to ask about the attack. They can move on if they want, and whatever happens happens. The players at hand are responsible for their characters' actions, so just...don't be vague to begin with in order to avoid conflict.

  • [22-C] Don't go posting, like...a nine-word reply in response to an action sequence that took up a good few paragraphs. It basically cuts the effort that the person who created the paragraph post down into a void, often ticking them off in the process. Not only that, but doing so also tends to take away from the whole Roleplaying experience.

SIV: Thread Rules and Tags
Click to show:
[23] Threads are to be labeled with specific tags in the thread title. The tags are as they go:

  • [Open] ||| These threads are open to anyone on the forum, so anybody can hop in. Keep in mind that opened threads can get overwhelming if too many people join. Any thread that isn't tagged with anything will automatically be considered open.

  • [Closed] ||| Closed threads obviously aren't open for anybody to join in. Often times, these threads will be somewhat minor, and organized by a group of people in advance; said people being the ones taking part in the thread.

  • [Invite] ||| In a way, Invite threads are a mix of both [Open] and [Closed]. They are initially closed, and members can't just jump in out of the blue. However, a member can message the thread creator, asking permission to join the thread. The creator doesn't necessarily have to accept a request for another person to join.

  • [Limited] ||| Once again, somewhat of a mix between [Open] and [Closed]. Limited threads are...well, limited. The thread is open, but can only have a certain number of people in it and. Once that limit is reached, no others can join. It is up to the thread creator to decide how many people can be in the Roleplay thread, and it is also up to them to keep track of the number of participants.

  • [Plot] ||| By default, [Plot] threads are automatically closed. These threads were organized by a player through the Roleplay Plans forum, and had a signup prior to the first official Roleplay post of that thread.

  • [Event] ||| Similar to [Plot] threads, save for the fact that event threads are created and primarily run by the forum's staff members. Whether or not the thread is opened or closed will vary, and will also be tagged saying such.

SV: Shops and Purchases
Click to show:
There will be little shops and whatnot located within a specific category of a forum. There, you can purchase little bonuses for one of more of your characters. Keep in mind that each purchase requires a certain amount of $$$ (our little Point-based currency here), alongside a number of posts around the site. More about $$$ will be listed in the next section: $$$ and Battlegrounds.

[24] Any purchases made will have to be accompanied by a Roleplay thread in which there character(s) at hand receive their purchases.

  • [24-A] At least ONE staff member has to be within the thread in order to conduct the necessary procedures, and to ensure that the things that you actually purchased are given to you.

[25] In order to make a purchase, you must have both a sufficient amount of $$$, and will also have to have a certain amount of posts on the site. After the purchase, the correct amount of $$$ will be deducted from your account, and your purchase threads will be initiated by a staff member.

SVI: $$$ and Battlegrounds
Click to show:
This forum has a little Roleplaying area that’s somewhat Non-Canon, yet still somewhat Canon at the same time. This area is called the Battlegrounds. Here, Roleplayers can challenge other players to a fight, betting on themselves or their team as a whole in the process with $$$. These $$$ points are the currency within this site, and, as was said in the previous section, can be used to purchase enhancements or other goodies for your characters. Of course, the Battlegrounds aren’t the only place you can earn $$$. You can also earn $$$ by participating in possible contests run by the staff as a prize, or by simply Roleplaying.

[26] No begging/pestering about points. Simple, as that, really. The way the forum is set up, you can only earn your $$$ points on a normal slow is by posting in specific forums- the Roleplaying forums, excluding the Arena-based forums. If you post anywhere else, you won’t get any of the currency points automatically. If you get the points from some other event like a contest, then an Admin/Moderator will simply add the amount of points necessary to one’s account.

[27] Bets between people in the Battlegrounds are to be somewhat separated, to an extent. Those participating in a battle can toss up their own bets, while bystanders/watchers set up their own betting pot, if that makes sense. The pots that the participants themselves and the viewers are completely different. I know this is somewhat difficultly-explained, so feel free to ask what exactly this means if you don’t get the gist of it.

[28] $$$ points are only to be redeemed at the Stores that we have on the forum. Players cannot make their own stores or receive discounts or anything of that sort, UNLESS it was reasonably discussed over with an Admin in advance for whatever reason.

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