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William Harrow Jones - The Devastator ~Finished

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William Harrow Jones - The Devastator ~Finished Empty William Harrow Jones - The Devastator ~Finished

Post by Yahtzee on Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:58 pm

Reason for move: the character creator left.


"He's not a myth and he's not a legend, but you don't hear about him unless you're supposed to... And if you do, then you don't live for very long.

You can't run; he's quicker.
You can't hide; he WILL find you.
And you can't fight; he'll win.
He is Death."


Name: William Harrow Jones - Codenamed "Devastator"

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Character Type(s): Cyber (Most likely x2, considering he's mostly robot now)

Faction: The Phenomenon

Rank: LTS-class PLF-R10. Known as a "Lethal Takedown Specialist", Will's specialties lie in killing and functioning on his own. He is ONLY sent on missions with the intent to kill, and is considered one of the best at his job. He is also a Rank 10 officer, just three positions under the Director, and the head of all PLF officers.

Occupation: LTS operator, Phenomenon Officer, Bossguy.

Alignment: Evil


William has a Drone companion that is known as Zephyr. Zephyr is modeled after a horse, with plated titanium armor that is as thick as William's. Zephyr's eyes and chest glow a deep, foreboding red color. He is able to run at speeds on par with automobiles, anywhere from 5 mph to 100 mph. He has a built-in "saddle" that automatically latches around William's ankles and thighs to keep him from being thrown off. On Zephyr's right side is a single latch that holds a large, titanium lance with a tungsten carbide tip that is designed to pierce through armor plating and, by association, flesh and bone. The lance's handle has a built-in gauntlet that is fused to it, making it much harder for the lance to be taken from Will's hands.

William also has a more combat-oriented Drone companion known as Scylla. Scylla is larger than Penumbra, and instead of being a hawk, is modeled after a Gryphon, with longer bladed wings and small vernier thrusters mounted beneath her wingjoints that allow her to maneuver around tight corners. Her body is lionlike, with streamlined features, lion front legs with four extremely sharp claws and a sweeping, barb-ended tail. Her head is a hawk's, as well as her hind legs (which have 3 extremely sharp talons each) and wings that are made of sharpened titanium, able to pierce through weak metals such as iron. Her beak is curved to a wicked point that can rip through flesh with ease, and she is approximately 3' compared to Penumbra's 6'. She most often perches on Will's shoulder. She is also outfitted with an EMP device that emits an electromagnetic pulse in a small radius around her (requires a 2-post recharge) and VTOL engines outfitted in her wings that allow her to hover and take off vertically.

Physical Description:

As you can tell rather quickly from William's appearance, he is far from human. Due to a near-fatal incident a while ago during a stealth operation, William was paralyzed from the neck down. He could no longer move or even go to the bathroom on his own.

To continue his work, William agreed to undergo an operation in which his brain would be implanted into an altered Drone body. He lost all feeling and all senses besides sight and hearing, but gained a lot more.

He felt no need to hide his robotic form, so he ordered it to be completely unaltered from what it looked like formerly. It is extremely well-polished titanium, and very shiny. His limbs are separated only by a very small slit around the joints that let them move freely and maintain his range of motion. His entire body is streamlined, with sharp corners and sweeping designs, but is still all-around much bulkier than a normal human being. He is approximately 6'7", with an imposing figure and robotic, glowing red eyes. A core at the center of his chest, his power source, glows a bright red color.

All of his weaponry is concealed, so at first glance he seems rather poorly equipped. However, he is quite the opposite - Because of his former body's finesse with bladed weaponry and affinity for speed and aggression, he has been outfitted with a plethora of close-range combat weaponry that emerges from tiny compartments all along it. Through months of physical therapy and retraining his combat skills, Will has gained the same finesse with his newly-refurbished body.


William's personality has not changed since his moving into the new body. He has always been cold, calculating, and (to put it bluntly) job-oriented. He focuses only on the mission, and when the mission is over, he simply looks for another mission, with or without the help of the Phenomenon. He functions as a sort of lone wolf, often acting independently of the Phenomenon when not on-duty.


William was once the pride and joy of the Phenomenon's research. A juggernaut of Brute strength combined with the stealth and teleportation of a Phantom and Jumper, he was one of the deadliest and most efficient killers of the time. That all changed, however, when he took a near-fatal back injury to his spine - He was crippled forever below his neck.

William agreed to let the Phenomenon's scientists implant his brain into an enhanced Drone body. He would be stripped of his ability to touch or feel, but would gain drastically increased abilities in every physical category.

After the procedure, it took many months before William was able to overcome the changes to his body. Eventually, however, he got used to it, and was introduced to his two Drone companions - Penumbra and Scylla, whom he named himself. They would further increase his battlefield awareness, and he would become even more infamous than before.


- William is indestructible to anything short of explosives, plasma weaponry, or specialized bullet weaponry.

- He is nearly unparalleled in his skill with bladed and close-ranged weaponry and combat.

- Due to his body's extremely high capability to process brain signals, his reaction time has been lowered so drastically that he can react within half a second's time to things that he can only hear.

- He has no need for food or drink, as his power source is self-sustaining via a number of different generators that use solar and kinetic energy as fuel.


- William has lost all ability to feel (as in touch), so he may not notice things such as the breaking of a colleague's bones under his grip or the snapping of his own subordinate's neck.

- He has a complete lack of ranged weaponry, and cannot use ranged weaponry unless he gets it built-in due to the requirement of the ability to feel. (to pull the trigger without crushing it and all that)

Other Facts:



Will has quite a long list of weaponry and equipment. The list is as follows:

Two large bracers that are built into his arms house two incredibly-sharp, three-foot-long katana blades that can slide in and out with extreme ease. These katana blades are reinforced on all sides with a thin layer of diamond, enabling them to pierce steel and still keep their edge.

He has 3-inch-long hidden daggers in small compartments, which are located in his elbows and the toes of both of his feet.

His robotic limbs and body are much, much stronger than a normal human being's. They can take more strain and move much faster and with more precision than any human being could even hope to.

His optical sensors (eyes) are capable of recording high-definition video and viewing in thermal and night-vision modes, as well as track quicker enemies with advanced tracking programs.

Will has built-in surge protectors and water/air-seals. These allow him to resist electric shock and to be almost completely resistant to liquid and gas-based contaminants.

Built into the heels of his feet are twin ion booster packs that are housed in a slide-out compartment. They can help him close the distances very quickly, but do not enable flight. They can be used once before requiring a 2-post resting period to recharge.

Armoring: Will's entire body is covered in armor plating made of titanium, enabling him to be extremely durable and resistant to most types of damage and still be relatively lightweight. He is bulletproof (except for specially designed armor-piercing bullets), but is still susceptible to explosives or rarer energy-based weaponry.


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William Harrow Jones - The Devastator ~Finished Empty Re: William Harrow Jones - The Devastator ~Finished

Post by Requiem on Sat May 02, 2015 4:07 pm

woah damn i really took my time in finally reviewing profiles and shit help me

Aaaanywho, mostly everything seems to check out for me. I'd say to just add a weakness or two to balance Will's Weaknesses out with his Strengths. It's a four to two ratio right now, man.

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