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Satsui Bloodborne- The Crimson Princess

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Satsui Bloodborne- The Crimson Princess Empty Satsui Bloodborne- The Crimson Princess

Post by Insidious on Thu Oct 15, 2015 2:37 pm

“Y’know what I love about this job? I get to make people scream and nobody cares how.”

Codename(s): The Crimson Princess / Akarihime-sama
Name: Satsui Bloodborne

Age: Presumably 19, but classified birth records may state otherwise.

Gender: Female

Character Types: Necro/Hybrid-(Dhampyr)/Lifter/Booster

Faction: The Chaotic Phenomenon

Rank: Elite (Rank #3 among all Elites)

Occupation: “Interrogator”, Resident Sociopath, Professionally Trained Assassin/Enforcer, Resident Dragon, Destruction Incarnate

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Companions/Pets: Kaletir Shinokara- The Toxic Armsman

Physical Description: Satsui is approximately 5’ 8” and of healthy weight despite of her death. She has silver-white hair tied into a pair of short twintails that commonly reach down to her waist. She usually wears a black vest and a dark crimson skirt, and as expected she’s almost never wearing anything underneath the vest. Her eyes are a piercing crimson that screams of a predator, and she’s prone to smirking quite often when she’s feeling superior (again, quite often). Her canines are sharpened into fangs due to her Dhampyr hybrid type, and she stands with a relaxed posture. However, under her picture-perfect features lies a certifiable demon. She has a scar along the bottom of her left ribcage from the crash she died in.

Personality: Satsui is generally seen as the textbook case for a serial killer: She’s apathetic, merciless, and has all the signs of a sociopath. On top of this she is an extreme egomanic, with good reason. Her prowess and skill in combat leave her as the most lethal of all the Elites, and has even earned her the title of the “Crimson Princess” among the closeted members of her fanbase. Due to her knowledge of human anatomy, she knows exactly where to strike in order to inflict the most neural pain with the most minimal blood loss, which makes her an excellent interrogator. Despite all this, however, it’s rumored that she does feel emotions such as sadness and love.

Biography: Born as Marilyn Yuusaka, Satsui lived a very well-off life. She went to a private school, and her father was a very popular actor. This inherited popularity along with her kind-hearted nature made her one of the most adored students of her district. Everyone who met the Marilyn thoroughly appreciated her kind virtue and forgiving nature, and she was sought after by many of her male classmates.

In her final year of high school Marilyn had made a great number of achievements, and had full ride scholarships to any university of her choosing in any field she wanted. She opted for one located close to the future headquarters of the Phenomenon. Only a few years later and the nineteen-year old Marilyn tragically died in a fatal pile-up on her way to class. Her body was surprisingly unscathed, and it was concluded that she had died of blunt force trauma when her car impacted with the one in front of her.

An unknown number of years later, and Marilyn Yuusaka awoke in a Phenomenon lab. She had been engineered primarily as a Necro, but an executive decision had been made to make her a Dhampyr hybrid as well. The hybridization procedure turned her eyes a deep crimson and turned her hair white. Her skin lost its grey and simply became far more pale than a normal person's. All in all, she had lost majority of the abilities that a Necro was known for save the immortality.

For a long time the scientists refused to allow Marilyn to see her expression, most likely out of fear for how she would react. Trained as a enforcer and assassin, Marilyn was forced to prepare to defend an organization she hadn't known existed prior to her death. And through multiple more procedures she was engineered with the additional powers of a Lifter and a prototype classification known as a Booster.

However, all things must come to an end.

While engaging in a Combat Aptitude Test in the laboratories, Marilyn turned a sandbag into the one thing she hadn't seen in a long time: glass. In this molten heap of reflective material Marilyn caught her first glance at herself. While she had known that she had changed, she didn't know to what extent.

Seeing her own crimson eyes staring emotionlessly back, Marilyn's brittle concept of reality, which had been worn through repeated tests and experiments, finally seemed to crumble.

However, it wasn't as initially seemed. As her scream bounced around the soundproof halls, the scientists first believed that she was scared of herself, or that she had gone completely insane. On the contrary, while her concept of who she was shattered, her idea of reality strengthened to such a point that it was irreversible.

On the other hand, her moral inhibitions cracked, and she found herself staring in awe as a scientist erupted in a shower of red. Staring at the droplets of red on her hands, she felt a sick glee unlike anything she had ever felt before. Glancing around the room once more, she found that she could see the faint outlines of the human cardiovascular system; the veins and vital points were laid out like a map before her vampiric eyes.

The events that followed were never shown to the scientists' families for fear of permanent mental trauma.

As she found and manipulated her ability to control blood, Marilyn lost what humanity she had left, shedding it gladly as she recreated herself completely.

"Marilyn isn't here, doctor... You're talking to Satsui now. Aha... Ha ha ha... AHAHAHAHA!"

+Doesn’t feel pain
+Memorized Human Anatomy
+Blood Manipulation
+No Vampiric Weaknesses
+Skilled Swordsman

-Slight Aversion to Hot
-Slight Aversion to Cold
-Tends to go overboard
-Doesn’t form relationships easily
-Cracks under massive pressure

Other Facts:
=Under heavy pressure her Augments have a chance to malfunction, resulting in either exponentially boosted power or a complete shutdown of all Experimental Abilities, including the reanimation from her Necro type.


Weapon Type: Name: Darkness Incarnate; Pistols

Weapon Description: Darkness Incarnate is a pair of black-and-dark red pistols engraved with the symbol of the Phenomenon. They fire specialized bullets that tear through light/medium body armor and slows the clotting process of the wounds they create. A well-placed shot can often result in anemia and death from blood loss. Each gun holds a total of 8 rounds for each magazine, and Satsui generally carries a grand total of 6 clips with her at all times, often strapped around her upper thighs.

+By using her Blood Manipulation ability, Satsui can harden her blood to unimaginable levels. She can use this to prevent literally losing her head or even to deflect strikes when she needs to reload.
+As an added safety measure, her vest is comprised of a lightweight variant of the Dragonscale body armor, each plate capable of taking about 4 shots each.

Haruki Hyde- The Mastermind [4A2690]
Satsui Bloodborne- The Crimson Princess [AE0000]


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Satsui Bloodborne- The Crimson Princess Empty Re: Satsui Bloodborne- The Crimson Princess

Post by Requiem on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:47 am

....honestly forgot to do this earlier woops

Approved and Moved~!

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