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The Director (I NEED A NAME. WIP.)

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The Director (I NEED A NAME. WIP.) Empty The Director (I NEED A NAME. WIP.)

Post by Yahtzee on Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:25 am

Reason for move: the character creator left.



Name: Formerly known as Andrew Lincoln Jones. Now simply known as The Director.

Age: Unknown.

Gender: Male.

Character Type(s): Hybrid, Cyber, Splicer, Brute x3

Faction: The Phenomenon

Rank: The Director (Leader)

Occupation: Murderer, Administrator, etc.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


The Director has numerous Hunter companions. His favorite and most common, however, are:

Sieger, a wolf/crocodile Hunter mix, has Berserker mixed into his DNA. His massive, crushing jaw strength, coupled with his lupine agility and speed, are only enhanced by his Berserker side when he is angered or injured. Sieger is smaller than a normal wolf, about 3/4 the average height of a wolf, but is comparatively longer. He has a longer, more reptilian tail with gray fur. His back and sides are covered in the same grey fur, but his stomach is scaled in tight bunches that prevent things such as blades from entering important organs. His head and snout are scaled, with reptilian eyes and an elongated snout that has lupine canines and sharp, crocodilian teeth combined. His legs are shorter and stubbier, but have large claws that are capable of splitting wood.

Physical Description:




The Director's contains nanobots (his Cyber part) that are capable of accelerating his blood flow, oxygen intake, and muscle reaction times by monitoring his nervous system. They are also capable of secreting from his pores and bonding to his skin, increasing his skin's durability and toughness.

The Director can regenerate body cells with his Gecko hybrid DNA, and this process is made even faster by the nanobots that reside in his circulatory, respiratory, and muscle systems. This has also allowed him to live for an extremely long time, as his nanobots keep his cells in a constant state of regeneration.

His Gecko DNA has created microscopic hair follicles on his hands and feet that are rigid and resilient, allowing him to climb up walls and stick to them like glue.

His strength, endurance, and agility are all increased exponentially as a result of his triple-Brute injections. He can vault and jump obstacles with little effort, and is capable of reacting with a split second to almost anything.


Other Facts:


Weapon Type:

The Director's one weapon is a quarterstaff, about his height, that is made of titanium around a steel core. The staff, with its extremely strong mix of lightness and strength, the staff is perfect for him. He is extremely adept in its use as well.

At one end of the staff is a small notch, which, at the press of a button toward the middle of the staff, is revealed to be a small, curved scythe-like blade. It goes diagonally compared to the staff, as opposed to a regular scythe blade that goes horizontally, and the Director mainly uses it for decapitations and longer-range melee strikes.

Weapon Description:


The Director has never felt the need to wear armoring, as he is capable of Splicing the titanium of his quarterstaff into his body, basically making him a walking, metal man.


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