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Just a Normal Day... [S.S. Star-Crossed]

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Re: Just a Normal Day... [S.S. Star-Crossed]

Post by Insidious on Wed Oct 21, 2015 5:19 am

"Personally I think going all out shows just how much you like them, but that may be just my non-pacifistic judgement," Satsui said, her eyes glaring at Matthew as she aimed a single pistol at him.

"Although it is a bit of a shame that you refuse to fight. This'll end a lot faster than I wanted it to," Satsui sighed as she aimed for a few moments. The shards behind her levitated farther away from her being and turned to point at Matthew, their tips glowing a dull crimson as the Dhampyr activated her vampire sight once more. She honed in on the blood cells present in his feet and hands, crystallizing them slowly as to restrict his motion in those areas.

"Hold still for me, will you? This'll be over in a second."

Haruki Hyde- The Mastermind [4A2690]
Satsui Bloodborne- The Crimson Princess [AE0000]


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Re: Just a Normal Day... [S.S. Star-Crossed]

Post by Requiem on Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:23 am

As he basically became paralyzed at the hands and feet, Matthew blinked in an odd, continuous sense of amusement, but whatever feelings that he had in regards to that seemed to fade a little bit as he noted the fact that his blades weren't spinning anymore. To that, his smile faded, and he closed his eyes with a suddenly bored and tired sigh. At that moment, he could've chosen to fight against it. Hell, he knew that he was strong enough to break through. He'd sparred against the goddamned Director in the past and, although he came out a little scathed here and there, he still got through it easily.

...He still didn't fight, though. Not yet, at least.

...If there even was a chance of him revolting at the moment. Which...honestly was a chance that was somewhere-below-half.

So, Matthew Aaron Sanctum just decided to continue standing as he was. "Sure, yeah... Go ahead and do what you need to. I may or may not actually be wiped out, here, but I'd still be willing to die for someone I care for." Although the last part of that sentence was a bit quieter and toneless, it was still easily heard. Sighing, the Necro closed his eyes and shrugged a bit stiffly. When he opened them again, they lost the blackness within the sclera, and had softened significantly in terms of appearance. "If you're actually gonna do this, though, then at least humor me with one or two more questions. Phenomenon's full of killers; I know that for a fact, and I was actually one of them for some time. But even the best of the best have their regrets and long-forgotten memories that make them question what they're fighting for, and why."

He tilted his head a little bit while giving Satsui a direct and legitimately curious and genuine look. "According to you, this is gonna end a lot faster than you wanted to... But my question for you is...do you actually want that? Deep, deep down? You said that you could've remembered some time that you liked me, so... Yeah. There's gotta be at least something in there that's nagging you about it. And also- it's not a question from coyness, or to stall or anything. I'm legitimately curious."

May or may not have been lying when I said I wasn't starting to feel the same way... ...Aaaaaand that may or may not have gotten me curious about this and motivated me to ask it. Buuuuut...that's really beside the point, by now.

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