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Haruki Hyde

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Haruki Hyde Empty Haruki Hyde

Post by Insidious on Sat Mar 07, 2015 3:30 am

"Who I am doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what I will do, and who I will become."

Name: Haruki Hyde

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Character Type(s): Shocker, Queen

Faction: None

Rank: None

Occupation: Unemployed

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Companions/Pets: None

Physical Description: Haruki is 4 feet 10 inches (147 cm), and weighs approximately 120 lbs, or 54 kg. She has long blonde hair commonly tied into twintails on either side of head that reaches down to about her waist, however it should be noted that she will sometimes wear it down. She has bright crimson eyes and is usually seen wearing a light blue tank top and an electric blue skirt when she isn’t in the small shelter she currently inhabits. When she is feeling especially cunning she can be seen in a sleek black cocktail dress, the slit riding all the way up her right thigh. She never wears heels, and is instead commonly seen in a pair of black combat boots.

Personality: Haruki is a very complex individual. She is extremely intelligent, and is often the first one to come up with a plan in a tense situation. If given enough time she can normally come up with a series of different plans for any possible scenario she may encounter. She has been proven to have a god-complex due to her supreme intelligence, and as such is quite arrogant. She has a short temper as well, however her demeanor during an operation wouldn’t reveal this in the slightest.

Biography: Haruki doesn’t remember very much of her life from before she became a Shocker. What she does remember is often fractured and impossible to figure out due to some type of trauma she experienced prior to attaining freedom. However, she does distinctly remember the process and heavy training she went through in order to develop her Queen’s Order abilities, as well as attaining the special attribute some of her attacks have.

Through months of grueling struggle and endless training Haruki created and perfected a set of three moves that reacted in power differently depending on her emotions. The first of them being QO: Code Cipher. Code Cipher allows her to track the electrical frequencies in her opponent(s) bodies, and thus allows her to foresee their next strike, and increases in potency and duration depending on how smug she feels that day. The second is Code Extinction, which causes the area around her to become covered in a magnetic field that ensnares anyone caught in it. After a few moments, electrical strikes rain from the sky to smite those caught in the field’s grasp. Increased in potency the more frustrated Haruki is. The third and final Queen’s Order is Code Disruption, an interesting attack that causes Haruki to emit a small shockwave to blast opponents back before an electrical membrane surrounds her. Empty light blue circles then begin to appear in a star-shaped pattern around her, and nothing happens for a few seconds before they begin to connect. Should the nodes connect anyone standing in the immediate area will get a high-voltage dose of electricity enhanced with Haruki’s unique ‘Virus’ ability. This last ability decreases time and increases potency the more upset she is.

After mastering all three of her Queen’s Order abilities, Haruki set to work on a way of improving her base electrical attacks to where they would have a chance to make those hit by it extremely nauseous. The resulting attribute has been since named ‘Virus’, however Haruki tends to not use her electrical attacks unless in dire situations, as she understands that there are far more efficient ways to kill someone.

After she obtained her freedom, Haruki spent the next few years wandering, oftentimes passing through human settlements as she trekked. She kept herself covered with a ratted old cloak that covered her clothing and concealed her face. Now she finds herself in the middle of the East Claim, and without a single clue as to what to do, she sets up camp underneath the stars.

This is where her story begins...

Other Facts:
-While she tends to appear professional and collected, Haruki will sometimes collapse under huge amounts of stress, and as such often becomes even more arrogant as a safety measure.


Weapon Type: Codename: CUBE [Ability: Mass technological Creation]

Weapon Description: CUBE takes the form of a small, purple cube that appears to be comprised of hundreds of smaller cubes. The smaller cubes are actually small buttons that act as a code input in order to give Haruki the desired effect. It will sometimes however just below her palm when it is face down due to the electrical field surrounding both it and Haruki. If a certain combination is put in, a large spike with materialize from the bottom to allow Haruki to stab it into the ground and transfer it into console mode. The creations are made due to the incredible elasticity of the CUBE itself, and allows it to transform into a wide variety of weapons outside of console mode. A list of the most used ones for both lies below.

”CUBE Mobile”:

GHOST: A purple sniper-rifle capable of firing Armor-Piercing ammo. It appears to be reminiscent of the DSR 50 from Black Ops 2. A button on top of the stock allows for transformation back into CUBE.

TITAN: A dark purple M1911 pistol. This form is the most commonly used, and a small button on the side of the barrel allows it to transform back into CUBE.
”CUBE Console”:

Note: Console can only be used at full strength if Haruki is able to find an access port for it. SPIRE and COMMANDEER are disabled without a viable access point.

SPIRE: Causes multiple spikes to erupt from the ground. Only useable inside Haruki’s base.

BARRIER: Creates a large wall in front of Haruki

TRAP: Sets up/activates a trap [Programmable]

COMMANDEER: Grants Haruki access to any electronic device, granted she can bypass the security lock

ARMORY: Reveals a small chest in which Haruki can store, create, or dismantle objects

Armoring: Visually, Haruki doesn’t wear any armor at all. However a scan with any type of electricity sensitive device will reveal that she is actually surrounded by a very durable electric energy shield, invisible to the naked eye. This shield protects her from damage to an extend, and can transfer the energy from fired projectiles into electricity for future use.

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Haruki Hyde- The Mastermind [4A2690]
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Haruki Hyde Empty Re: Haruki Hyde

Post by Requiem on Sat Mar 07, 2015 4:08 am

Approved and moved.
(Double-admin acceptance exception made for sake of getting characters out and the Roleplay into life.)

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Haruki Hyde Empty Re: Haruki Hyde

Post by Yahtzee on Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:29 pm


Because Ryan likes to forget I'm here sometimes.


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Haruki Hyde Empty Re: Haruki Hyde

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