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Experimental Types [Updated 10-17-15]

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Experimental Types [Updated 10-17-15] Empty Experimental Types [Updated 10-17-15]

Post by Requiem on Sun Jan 04, 2015 6:19 pm

Note that this list is subject to massive change over the site's general activity. This is the list of current Experimental types.


Brute - Brutes are one of the most basic, yet most deadly and efficient of the Phenomenon's creations. They feature highly advanced muscle growth, many times the average strength of a normal human, as well as enhanced agility and endurance. They can run faster, jump higher, and lift more than any normal human. The Brute is created via an injection, and can be repeated multiple times with the same effects.

Cyber - Cybers are basically humans who have received a cybernetic or robotic implant in their body, usually to either increase their performance or to replace body parts that have been lost in combat. Implants can be anything from their entire body to a simple ear replacement. The only thing that really needs to be retained is the subject's humanity, but at least one part of the subject needs to remain human.

Necro - A Necro is a human that has been brought back from death due to a special serum developed by the Phenomenon. This serum revitalizes the subject's cells, but does not do so completely. Subjects most often show grayish pigmentation in their skin, and a film over their eyes, though this does not actually effect them in any way. Their nervous system is most often damaged from the reconstitution, so they cannot feel pain. They are able to function even after the loss of a limb, or even after being bisected. They commonly show ravenous hunger to keep their dead cells operational, and in rare cases can even resort to cannibalism. Their saliva is highly poisonous, targeting the heart and the nervous system to kill a target in mere seconds. The only known way to kill a Necro is either total obliteration or the severing of the spinal cord to the brain, most often done as a beheading.

Novo - Novos are very special Experimentals. They are capable of altering their specific DNA and body type to match that of an organism they have consumed. Their body collects information from the organism's tissue and cells and relays it to the brain, which then memorizes and stores it. It can then order the body to mirror said information, changing the host's own cells, muscular structure, and skeletal structure. This process is known to be extremely painful, but once is has been done once, it can be repeated forever.

One drawback of being a Novo is that the organism must be eaten raw. Cooking or preparing damages the information that the brain needs to replicate, creating an unstable transformation that could quite possibly lead to the death of the Novo.

NOTE: The consumption of said organism MUST be shown in RP, and must make sense. It will be verified and accepted by Admins before you can actually use it.

Hybrid - As could be inferred from the type name, Hybrids are part human and part animal. Experimentals of this type could be a human-snake hybrid, human-shark, human-bear; the list could really go on for quite a while. The animal that a Hybrid is should definitely show within their physical appearance and/or traits; for example a Hybrid with some type of bird genetics coursing throughout their veins may have feathers and wings. A snake Hybrid may have scales that ride along portions of their skin, or perhaps even sharpened fangs that are venomous - depending on the specific species of snake they are, of course. You could have a twofold/threefold Hybrid character, but these enhancements and character Type additions can only be purchased through the $$$ Store.

Splicer - These subjects can literally become their surroundings. Splicers are enabled the ability to meld with any type of object and material, gaining said object's/material's qualities and characteristics after doing so. For example; if a Splicer melded their hands with steel, their fists would basically become steel themselves. If they melded with a gun, they could make it so that they had the gun sticking from their hand.

Shocker - One may predict that Shockers are conductors of electricity. Shockers can basically be referred to as "walking batteries" and, at the same time "dischargers". They can both absorb and store electrical energy from numerous things (such as light poles, electrical wires, car batteries, and maybe even technological devices) and expel it into the open, toward a desired target, or into specific objects. Shockers do not change the properties of electricity - It can be absorbed from one Shocker and used by other Shockers just as easily as regular electricity, and cannot be used to make "electric weapons" or anything mundane like that. A Shocker gains more and more electrical storage capacity as they get more and more experienced and practiced in their abilities.

Converter - Somewhat similar to Shockers, Converters run primarily on solar power/radiation, though they can also use powerful heat sources for power, too. They're able to take in solar radiation or heat and expel it in the form of energy rays or even intense heat waves, making them lethal during the day or when exposed to UV radiation. A Converter is also highly resistant, if not impervious to heat and radiation themselves, and they are able to absorb the attacks of other Converters. Again, much like a Shocker, there's a limit as to how much energy a specific Converter as an individual can absorb and handle. Inexperienced Converters probably can't take in and hold that much solar energy, moderate Converters can handle themselves better a good amount, and masterful Converters may just be able to unleash Hell - especially during daytime.

Lifter - Lifters are enabled with the skills and abilities of both telepathy and telekinesis; in other words, they could both communicate and lift certain objects with their mind alone. Telepathy is something that most Lifters could get used to in a normal time range; the more difficult thing for them would most likely be mastering their skill over telekinesis. A Lifter who had just been introduced to their abilities would probably have much trouble lifting things, say, half a hundred to a hundred pounds heavier than themselves, and would strain themselves for a few days afterwards if they took things too far. Decently-skilled Lifters could probably manage themselves and lift things that are heavier, but may fall victim to strain here and there. The Lifters of highest skill may be able to lift things maybe half a ton to a ton in total, should their skills be completely mastered and flawless, though this is an incredibly difficult task to accomplish.

Jumper - Many people may think that a power such as this should've been included within the capabilities of a Lifter; however, it appears that the scientists of the Phenomenon thought otherwise. Jumpers are granted the ability of teleportation, thus they're able to be in one place and appear another place, so long as the area they wish to get to would very well be within the necessary radius. That being said, no, a Jumper couldn't be in the United States and then teleport to, say, Russia or Japan the next moment. Though this is a nifty ability, constant use of one's teleportation may cause strain and pain, most commonly manifesting with waves of intense migraines. It isn't limited to migraines alone, however. More serious symptoms can develop the more the Jumper strains their abilities.

King/Queen - A pinnacle of modern science and technology, these are human beings that have been endowed with an artificially created organ that is implanted in the subject's body. The organ is connected to the stomach and digestive tract, and siphons off nutrients and other vital chemicals from the subject in order to produce an incredibly complex product: nanobots. These nanobots are incredibly small, much smaller than even the point of a needle. They are equipped with flying fins so that they can travel through air, and a small signal receiver. The receiver is to receive messages from the subject, which has a signal transmitter embedded into their brain. This way, the nanobots can work together using only one central mind, much like a bee hive. The nanobots can connect together and form a bond between themselves that is nearly impenetrable by anything but other nanobots. They can create simple constructs such as blades or bludgeons, and can even travel into locks and conform to the lock to make a makeshift key. While these nanobots are indeed very handy, they have a variety of drawbacks. They can only receive signal from the host in a 10-15 foot radius, outside of which they will go inactive until the subject goes closer and they can receive the signal again. They are also highly vulnerable to EMP devices and intense electric shock. While this doesn't necessarily destroy them (though it can, in larger concentrations), it does short them out for a limited time.

While the nanobots can be destroyed, the subject's body is constantly replicating the bots. Normally, it takes quite a few hours to formulate a new swarm. Also, because the bot-factory-organ siphons nutrients from the subject, they can exhibit a very large appetite at most times of the day. This also means it is incredibly hard for them to become overweight.

Cryozen: Cryozen are able to chill and even freeze things with each exhalation of breath. From numerous experiments and training sessions spanning throughout the Phenomenon’s existing time, the Chaotic Scientists have been able to alter the organs of individuals to create a voluntary sensory system within the body that is able to both change the regulated temperature of the body itself without harm and to alter the breaths that one takes to allow it to cast a frosty layer upon whatever it touches, if now just an immense chill. Primarily within the lungs, one could find nanobots of the similar variety used within Kings and Queens, kept within small nests, though could also be found lined around other organs and other internal pathways of the body. The bots near the lungs produce and release a sort of semi-solidified chemical that is carried away with an individual’s exiting breath. The chemicals – if in large enough amounts – can be seen when looking close enough before their figures disband and spread out as they secure themselves on a surface, freezing and producing a chill on contact.

Cryozens are also capable of lowering their body temperature at will - but, of course, being able to do so would require a degree of mastery and skill beforehand. Should an individual of this type lower their core temperature too quickly – as is a mistake that most rookie Cryozens make – they may suffer internal organ damage or freezing, which could very well lead to the death of the Cryozen himself/herself. Regardless of whether or not a Cryozen is somewhat used to lowering their core temperature in a safe fashion, however, they seem to be more resistant to cold weather in comparison to others, and entering a chilled scene could actually aid them to lower their temperature more safely.

Pyrozen: Often referred to as the Cryozen’s counterpart and another cousin of the King and Queen. While Cryozens are primarily ice-and-cold-based, Pyrozens are pretty much the opposite, as they are capable of flame control and maintenance, to an extent. Through tests and experiments, scientists of the Phenomenon have gained the ability to give Experimentals of this type heat-and-flame resistant skin, and to also alter their pores so that they can release a sort of biological gasoline (ethanol) freely. Alongside making their skin flame-resistant, the linings of their internal organs and mouth have been altered to withstand higher temperatures. Like their icy counterparts, Pyrozens have small nanobots and nests within their body and organs, though primarily in the mouth and lungs. With enough training and skill, they can activate and send these bots out through their breath. In a similar way to Cryozens, their nanobots have a variety of chemicals within them. However, instead of giving off a cool and chilled aura upon contact with a surface, their bots release their chemicals and ignite themselves upon contact with a certain level of oxygen in the air, enabling them with the ability of extensive fire breath. Much like their pores, they can voluntarily replace their saliva with ethanol instead, but only if they have trained enough to control their artificial features to an extent.

While Cryozens are able to withstand lower temperatures by using their nanobots to change their body temperature, Pyrozens can withstand higher temperatures by using their bots to do the opposite. Like their counterparts, however, they will definitely suffer if they are too inexperienced and increase their body heat too quickly. A Pyrozen could literally ignite their flame-resistant (but not invincible) organs and overheat, which may result in combustion from the inside out or self destruction if not treated right away. Either way, it could kill the subject in the end.

Phantom: Put shortly, Phantoms are enabled the ability to become invisible, and to literally blend in with their surroundings. Experimentals of this type are perfect choices for stealth and assassination-esque capabilities, as their abilities allow to them to sneak around freely, making them lethal rivals in combat if extreme care isn’t accounted for. A Phantom’s physique has been carefully and delicately altered and repositioned in slightest amounts both upon and beneath the skin, and have been lined with small, microscopic particles that enable them the ability to refract light around their body, basically copying their background in order to "blend in".

While a Phantom can fade away from view, there is also an approximate amount of time that this Experimental can actually remain in his or her invisible state - depending on the amount of experience as this particular Experimental that he or she has. Without rest, a rookie Phantom is capable of remaining invisible for a decent amount of time; maybe ten to fifteen minutes at most. Experienced Phantoms can go for longer times that range from around twenty to forty minutes, while professional Phantoms could last well over an hour in some scenarios. Should they strain themselves far past their comfort zones, however, they would begin to experience splitting pains within their heads, alongside sudden, sharp, and jolting pains coursing throughout their muscles. By this point, their invisibility would begin to give away, causing them to waver violently on occasion and potentially give their locations away. They could suppress this, but, of course, the pain that they bear – both during and after the experience – would prove to be a heavy toll in the end.

Berserker: Often times, Berserkers are often associated in some way to the whole S&M practices in general- though not quite in the sexual sense that many would think of right off the bat. A Berserker’s abilities and capabilities increase the more pain is inflicted upon their being. The way their nervous systems are altered splits whatever sense of pain they would have felt in half in their thought processes; half of the sensations would remain as painful feelings, while the remaining half would be converted into some sort of sense of pleasure that would ring itself within the brain within a matter of seconds. As this sense of pleasure hits them and their adrenaline levels begin to rise, they begin to crave the sense of pain to be inflicted upon their being again and again- a sign of their masochist side.

With their growing adrenaline and their quest for further pain, an altered portion within their brain will cause them to grow more and more rowdy and bloodthirsty than a normal being would have been, causing them to be more likely of lashing out at any potential targets or enemies with a fierce and growing strength and speed, among other things, which just contribute to their all-around lethality. Once they’re in the zone, the cycle of pain, pleasure, and progression often takes a Berserker’s state of mind as he or she increases his or her adrenaline levels and, in the process, grows ever stronger in their quest for blood. In addition to brain-oriented alterations, their muscles have also been tweaked and altered to enable further capabilities in strength and whatnot with their growing adrenaline.

Safe to say, Berserkers grow stronger and more dangerous the more damage they take. However, once they snap out of whatever bloodthirsty daze they were caught within, the halved pain that they felt would slowly revert back into the full sense of pain that was always there but was simply dulled throughout the rush, and this often causes large sores and impacts upon a Berserker’s body in the end.

Polar: A Polar is enabled the ability to control most metallic objects around them, making them a sort of walking magnet. Experimentals of this type haven’t had any physical enhancements or alterations, aside from the lines of powerful, voluntary magnets that have been placed in linear patterns all throughout the muscles of their spines, arms, and legs. These magnets have been fixed to react to the nervous system, enabling extensive and voluntary magnetic capabilities upon activation. Depending on the Polar’s experience and skill levels, he or she could be capable of attracting structures of larger and bulkier builds, as well as further distances, for longer periods of time without rest.

Booster: Boosters have the unique ability to amplify and improve the abilities of those around them, regardless of Experimental Type. They do this by releasing an energy frequency in an area around them that interfaces with the Augments of others and improves their operating parameters, increasing agility, attack speed, defense, power, and a multitude of other factors based on the Experimental type of those affected.

By taking note of the frequency that their enemies’ Augments are set to, a Booster may also send out a reverse frequency that can either damage or impair the abilities of those targeted.

It should be noted that the biggest issue for a Booster is temperature; Their Augments can malfunction or even fail completely in extreme temperatures, so they cannot be a Pyrozen or a Cryozen without losing their Booster capabilities. It should also be noted that a Booster does not have very much combat potential on their own unless they have been specifically trained for it, or have another Type that makes up for this weakness.

An Experimental with a single-type set of Booster also has minimal defense without armoring of some sort, so Boosters tend to wear bulletproof or military-grade cloth or leather armor in order to maximize their defense without sacrificing any mobility.
***Type description/idea is credited to Insidious.***


Kamikaze: Needless to say from the Experimental name, these test subjects are suicidal bombers, and a quick and gruesome death is pretty much inevitable for them. They hold no remarkable, enhanced characteristics physically; it’s what runs through their veins that’s more of a concern. Kamikaze units are implanted with small, explosive figures within their muscles that react to a particular chip located within an Experimental’s arm- a sort of barcode that labels them as Phenomenon test subjects. This chip is located on the back of an Experimental’s wrist and is actually visible beneath a few layers of skin, and will emit some sort of signal that causes them to be easily-tracked targets, or victims of a Kamikaze explosion, should they get too close to one. The particles within a Kamikaze’s muscles receives a sort of signal from the chip lodged within an Experimental, which, in turn, triggers a reaction that makes the particles within the Kamikaze ignite and explode within moments.

Kamikaze units are almost always Experimentals that have lost most sense of testable value or traitor Phenomenon officers that the Phenomenon staff still decide to use one last time. While feared on the streets of Serenity, they’re also looked down upon and shunned around the Phenomenon itself. To become a Kamikaze Experimental is like receiving a literal death sentence as a result of doing something vulgar or unforgivable, or simply form being too much of a nuisance. In the eyes of the Phenomenon, they are simply a disgrace.

Hunter: In a way, Hunters are much like Hybrids. They’re Experimental types that are fused with animals. However…rather than being partially human, these organisms are one hundred percent beast.

Sure, they’re hybrids of some sort. Unlike the Hybrids, however, they’re crossbred between two different animals, rather than being a human-animal crossbreed. This enables animals such as a wolf-shark, an alligator-bear, or a falcon-monkey crossbreed to exist within the world, among a plethora of other animal pairings. A lot of the time, Phenomenon soldiers and scientists are enabled the company of one or two of these Hunters to aid them on missions and searches, though there is, of course, the lingering possibility of Hunters that have escaped the facilities. Because of this, one could very well find a Hunter out in the wild or city, though it could prove hard to tame one as a companion sometimes, or perhaps even dangerous.

Once again like the Hybrids, “mythical” or “special” Hunter types are available on the site. A character could have a small Chimera or Dragon Hunter companion by their side, though with several terms and restrictions that would have to be agreed with in advance. In addition, special Hunter types would have to be purchased from the $$$ Store if they were to be used as a companion by a character. Characters can only have one special Hunter companion, and a total of two Hunter companions in total.

Drone: Drones are one of the two types of Experimentals that aren’t legitimate Experimentals. Rather than being a living entity with scientifically-engineered alterations, Drones are one hundred percent robotic. They’re a bit on the small side to avoid detection, as they are often used for tracking and patrols. Their camera view stretches far past the length that the naked eye could see at, and they often have little to no means to defend themselves.

By using the particles that align the Phantom, Drones are enabled the ability to become invisible, as well.

Juggernaut: The Juggernaut is the second of the two (currently) all-robotic Experimental types. Greatly contrasting from its Drone cousin, a Juggernaut is a mechanical beast, standing tall at a general average of thirteen feet tall. Though it isn’t capable of stealthy and sneaky tactics and behaviors like the Drone, Juggernauts make up for it with their firepower. Average Juggernauts are lined with powerful turrets primarily, and things like cannons, laser trackers/blasters, and other deadly weaponry that are common occurrences on their build, as well. Often times, these war machines are used when a complete search-and-destroy mission is in place. Carnage and destruction are almost found in a Juggernaut’s trail.

Juggernauts hold their own A.I. database, of course, so they hold no problem with moving and acting on their own. However, they can be man-operated, as well, if someone were to occupy the control system within the Juggernaut, located within its chest/spinal area.


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